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SRC is hiring several part-time interns who will work closely with all members of our team on a range of football projects. We are building a variety of advanced analytics tools, models, and platforms, and interns will be assigned different tasks depending on their experience and skillset.

SRC FTBL – About Us

Thank you for your interest in SRC FTBL – ‘Source Football’. We enjoy hearing from football and analytics enthusiasts, and we appreciate your interest in our company.


SRC FTBL is a football analytics startup founded in 2022 by Sarah Rudd, Ravi Ramineni, and Cole Grossman. We provide analytics support, strategy and expertise to football clubs around the world.


At SRC, we are certain that the power of data and analytics in football has not been fully realized. We believe that analytics will have an extraordinary impact on the future of the sport, and we aim to be at the forefront of this movement. We are looking for similarly motivated football obsessives who share our passion for analytics and vision for the future of football.

Internship Description

SRC is a newly formed company with a small, closely connected team. These roles are best suited for candidates who love football and would be comfortable working in a fast pastenvironment.


These interns will support our team on the following based on experience:

Develop new models and metrics using multiple data sources

Deliver specific research projects that derive new insights

Analyze video and produce supervised training sets for models

Perform tasks related to data reliability, engineering, cleaning, etc.


This candidate will likely be a university student or recent graduate with some or all of thefollowing experience and skills:

Experience with Python or a similar language

Basic knowledge of SQL

Strong Data Visualization skills

Good writing and communication skills

How to Reach SRC FTBL:

Apply to job posing here ->

  • LinkedIn

or send your CV/resume, cover letter, and any additional work to

We are seeking candidates comfortable working in a distributed workforce. However, given the stage of our company and the requirements of this role, we will only accept candidates within a seven hour time difference from Central Standard Time – likely in the United States, Europe, or South America.

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