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SRC FTBL ‘Source Football’ is a football consultancy and data provider.

 Our mission is to use data and analytics to help clubs make optimal football decisions. By using our collective experience and expertise across the sport, we hope to provide the highest level of football analytics in the world.

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SRC FTBL: Football, at the Source

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We are football obsessives, committed to using data and analytics to analyze the game on the deepest level possible. To measure football at its source.

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We believe that data and analytics, if applied effectively, can help clubs win matches, develop great players, and maximize profitability.

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We know that using data and analytics to improve a football operation is impossible without first-class experience and expertise.

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We are confident that the football analytics revolution is in its infancy. At SRC, we hope to play a role in shaping the future of the sport. 

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